We are offering a short INCF training course on Advanced Statistical Modeling of Neuronal Data. The amount and complexity of neuronal data obtained in experiments is rapidly increasing. To analyze this data, understand its structure, and relate the structure to cognitive processes, abstracting the data by means of statistical modeling has become indispensable.

Our goal is to provide a broad overview with in-depth hands-on sessions by experts in their respective fields. The training course is intended for post-docs and PhD students from mixed backgrounds in both the experimental and theoretical/computational neurosciences. We will teach the foundations of statistical modeling of neuronal data, and give hands-on training using computational toolboxes supplied by the course instructors. The course will be composed of a series of lectures in the morning and early afternoon, and computer-based hands-on training in the afternoon and early evening. Cohesion between the two parts will be achieved by combining data-centered lectures with hands-on training in analysis using the same data examples.

Course material will be made available to the public via flash presentations produced and derived from teaching slides and course material. Toolboxes and source code will be freely available as well. 

To build and facilitate exchange between the participants, we will start the course with a teambuilding outdoor activity. Our farewell event will be a geo-tagging tour of important points of interests in Osnabruck, with a party afterwards.

Target audience

PhD candidates and post-docs from a mixture of backgrounds: experimental neuroscience, statistics or other computational fields (e.g. physics or math).


  • Prof. Emery N. Brown, MIT, Cambridge, and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
  • Prof. Gordon Pipa, Institute of Cognitive Science Osnabrück, Germany
  • Dr. Stefan Kiebel, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
  • Dr. Robert Haslinger, MIT, Cambridge, and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

The course is hosted by the Institute of Cognitive Science.
We thank the INCF (http://www.incf.org) for their generous financial support.